with an introduction by Jason M. Wirth

As the author spends half his life in Galicia, Northern Spain and has sailed past the Costa de la Muerte, he is familiar with Finnisterre which is, of course, the end of the world jutting out into the endless ocean. The name acts here as a metaphor for the topos at the end of life the point at which nothing more can be done but also for its reverse, the chiasmos of mortality that is the defining moment for the artist and his creativity, for the Poetic language and all the spirits that hover round it is at one with facing up to death.

“I was awe-struck by this long poem. It has such startling, accurate images, such lovely rhythms in its speech patterns, and repetitive echoes of images which unify the whole work (rather akin to the Four Quartets). Internalised images, classical allusions used great effect, clever play on words, painterly colour – all offer so many layers and level of meaning” – W. S. Milne

In his poetry David Pollard displays an uncanny ability to let words collide so as to interrupt their sense, only then to renew their saying power somewhere beyond the limit of fixed speech. His artistry turns words—in his own words—into “glancing letters of illumination craning into the darkness.” – John Sallis

 Finis-terre is a Poetry Society Recommendation

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