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P1080021 copy 2Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working – Picasso

David Pollard has been furniture salesman, accountant, TEFL teacher and university lecturer. He got his three degrees from the University of Sussex and has since taught at the universities of Sussex, Essex and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where he was a Lady Davis Scholar. His interests are in English Literature and Modern European Philosophy. He has published The Poetry of Keats: Language and Experience which was his doctoral thesis, A KWIC Concordance to the Harvard Edition of Keats’ Letters, a novel, Nietzsche’s Footfalls, and five volumes of poetry, patricides, Risk of Skin and Self-Portraits (all from Waterloo Press), bedbound (from Perdika Press) and Finis-terre (from Agenda Editions). He has also been published in other volumes and in learned journals and poetry magazines.

Three Artists (from Lapwing Press) is forthcoming. Pre-order through the contact page to buy at 40% off.


Finis-terre at Finisterre

‘I am awe-struck by your long poem. It has such startling, accurate images, such lovely rhythms in its speech patterns, and repetitive echoes of images which unify the whole work (rather akin to the Four Quartets). Internalised images, classical allusions used to great effect, clever play on words, painterly colour – all with so many layers and levels of meaning’ – Patricia McCarthy

Now out from Agenda Editions. Poetry Book Society recommendation.
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